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ALI??, EJUB, 32 (AH-leetch, Ey-yoob)—Physician at Srebrenica (SREBREHN-EET-SA) war hospital, separated from his wife and young son. Born in a small village and worked as an internal medicine resident in Bosnia before the war. Heavyset, with a round face, a good sense of humor, and a weakness for plum brandy. If there was no underlying disease that could explain my sudden psychosis, she suggested bipolar I as a possible explanation. Bipolar I is a mood disorder characterized by a manic or mixed (both manic and depressive) episode. On a scale from 1 (most dire cases) to 100 (no symptoms), I received a score of 45, which translated to“serious symptoms.19” Dr. Khan recommended that the staff assign me a security guard, called a one-to-one, to try to prevent future escape attempts.

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