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Beijo Website FAQ’s (USA)

*For international inquiries, please e-mail international@beijobags.com


Q: How can I can buy a Beijo Handbag or Accessory?

We sell our handbags and accessories exclusively through Independent Beijo Fashion Consultants, who showcase the line at Beijo Shopping Parties™, as well as various shows and events.

We also offer a limited number of styles through our Beijo Online Boutique. If you wish to shop online, you can ask your Beijo Fashion Consultant to provide you with their Beijo Online Boutique website address. If you do not have an Independent Beijo Fashion Consultant, you can locate one using the “zip code search feature” on our website. Once you have located a Fashion Consultant, you can visit their website and proceed to shop.

To make an online purchase or to contact an Independent Beijo Fashion Consultant directly, go to www.beijobags.com and click on the ‘Purchase Now’ or ‘Connect With a Beijo Fashion Consultant’ button.


Q: Are the bags shown on your website available at all Beijo Shopping Parties™?

A: Products displayed at a Beijo Shopping Party™ represent those which the Beijo Fashion Consultants have selected from their inventory, to showcase at that particular event. Should you not find the item you were looking for at the party, the Beijo Fashion Consultant will be able to help you locate and order the product directly, from Beijo’s private inventory.


Q: Where are Beijo products made?

A: Every Beijo product begins with inspiration from Beijo’s President and Founder, Susan Handley. The handbags and accessories are designed personally by Susan in her Southern California Studio, and then manufactured in China.


Q: What materials are used in making a Beijo bag?

A:Beijo carries a wide variety of handbags and accessories crafted in various materials. These include natural cotton, canvas, nylon, polyester, and vinyl blends.


Q: How much can I expect to pay for a Beijo handbag

A:While our suggested retail price points may fluctuate from time to time, our current price range for Beijo handbags is approximately $50 to $159. If you would like to view a representation of Beijo Products by price-point, please visit our website at www.beijobags.comand click on the ‘Collections By Price’ Tab.


Q: How can I make sure I’m getting a genuine Beijo?

A: While it’s been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we want to make sure that the Beijo product you purchase is authentic Beijo. Every Beijo product comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. If you feel your Beijo Handbag or Accessory may not be authentic, please contact our Customer Service Department at (904) 567-5000.


Q: Under what conditions will you replace my bag?

A: Should a manufacturing defect become evident during the first 60-days of ownership ‘warranty period’, Beijo will replace your bag. If this situation occurs, please contact Beijo’s Customer Service Department at (904) 567-5000. Be prepared to provide a copy of the original, dated, proof-of-purchase invoice (sales receipt), your contact information, and a brief explanation of the defect.
*Please read our Website Product Warranty, as presented on our site.


Q: Under what conditions can I return or exchange my bag?

A: Beijo’s goal is for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.  If for some reason the purchase you made is not what you expected, please contact the Independent Sales Consultant that tendered the sale. You can find their contact information on your receipt. They can assist you with an exchange for merchandise of equal value. Any shipping costs associated with exchanges are at the customer’s expense. There are NO REFUNDS or exchanges given by Beijo.


A: *If you are making a purchase from our Beijo Online Boutique, please read our Website Product Warranty, presented at check out .


Q: How can I keep my Beijo bag looking brand new?

To take the best possible care of your bag, we suggest doing the following:

  • When not using your handbag, store it in the dust cover that it came packaged in.
  • For polishing or simple cleanings, wipe with a household cleaning product and a soft cloth.


Q: How can I become an Independent Beijo Fashion Consultant?

A: Please visit our website at www.beijobags.com and click on the tab “Sell Beijo” to learn more about becoming an Independent Beijo Fashion Consultant.

Beijo, where a handbag becomes a lifestyle.”