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In his clinic on the other side of Srebrenica, Dr. Nijaz D?ani? also hears the airplane. He asks his nurse to go see what kind of plane and how close it is. She goes out through the waiting room and runs back inside a few seconds later. At one point, yellow-painted guardrails, mounted on blocks of concrete, border the street as it crosses a small river. This“yellow bridge” no longer connects the municipalities of Srebrenica and Bratunac. For the past eight months, the unremarkable piece of asphalt has served as a dividing line between the Muslims and Serbs, as impassable as a gaping drawbridge. Even the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees feared that large-scale international military intervention would be counterproductive, because any upsurge in fighting would interfere with humanitarian assistance efforts. So, while it had seemed, at first, that the United Nations would undertake a humanitarian enforcement operation similar to Operation Provide Comfort in Iraq, in the end, the U.N. Protection Force’s authorization to use force was watered down. Countries were reluctant and slow to send additional troops. weight gain clomid

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