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when do clomid side effects kick in The fourth day, doctors number six, seven, eight, and nine joined the team: an infectious disease specialist who reminded my dad of his uncle Jimmy, who had earned the Purple Heart after storming the beaches of Normandy in World War II; an older, gray-haired rheumatologist; a soft-spoken autoimmune specialist; and an internist, Jeffrey Friedman, a spritely man in his early fifties who, despite the severity of the situation, exuded a natural optimism. In the late 1960s a young doctor from the Srebrenica area, Sabit Begi?, became one of the first locally born Muslim physicians in Srebrenica. He made a name for himself treating workers at a nearby lead-zinc mine in Sase, where roughly a third of workers were on sick leave every day due to lung ailments. In the early 1970s, Begi? led a campaign to encourage local children to go into nursing and established small health clinics in the neighboring villages, including the one where he treated young Ilijaz’s sore throat. At the time, the Yugoslav government targeted the area’s mining and forestry industries for development and initiated new industrial activities. Battery and car-brake factories were built, a furniture factory, stone-cutting workshop, and textile factory were established, and the area enjoyed an upsurge in tourism at the medicinal spa and in nearby hunting grounds. To create a well-educated workforce, Yugoslavia invested in the education system, turning Srebrenica high school into one of the best in Bosnia. “Susannah, please smile for me.”

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