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valtrex treatment for cold sores furosemide potassium chloride interactions By the late 1970s, the world began catching up. The 1977 Second Additional Protocol to the 1949 Geneva Conventions—the modern version of humanitarian law aimed to protect civilians, the injured, and other noncombatants from the effects of war—authorized humanitarian assistance even in internal armed conflicts, situations increasingly common after World War II. Dozens of similar groups, known as nongovernmental organizations or“NGOs,” formed around the world, an alphabet soup that included IMC (International Medical Corps) in the United States and MDM (the French acronym for Doctors of the World) in France. They recruited doctors and other experts to volunteer for varying amounts of time—from a few weeks to a few years—providing medical or technical assistance to those in need. Each had its own philosophies and strengths; MSF specialized in acute conflict and disaster assistance. Having Darth Vader as an ally is useful. Eric and his colleagues join several U.N. Protection Force soldiers in an armored personnel carrier, an APC, a boxy, claustrophobic, armor-plated vehicle with tiny windows and Red Cross symbols on its sides. They set off in a column of trucks carrying medicines and other humanitarian supplies from MSF and the U.N.

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